InnovationThursday, 12/28/17

What a Year 2017 Has Been!

JP Rosato, CEO/Founder


As 2017 comes to a close, there is a lot to be jolly and merry about for sure. As I personally reflect on what a great year it has been, three words come to mind.

Gratitude + Velocity + Anticipation


Good things don’t happen without hard work and great people. I am grateful for the partnerships we have built with our customers as we support their needs and find new and inventive ways of focusing on achieving better outcomes for them. I am extremely appreciative and proud of the team we have built and continue to build every day at Sitehands. Further, I am always amazed and thankful for the men and women in the field that we partner with to deliver unmatched service. Their sacrifice, dedication and professionalism are awe inspiring. Finally, I am grateful for the partnership with the team at FTV Capital, a phenomenal partner in building our business through their thoughtful counsel and introductions.


Those who know me are well aware that this may be one of my very favorite words, but in 2017 it was so much more than just a word. Sitehands momentum is on track and the velocity of achievements and milestones just continue to accelerate.

Velocity by the numbers in 2017:

  • 615     As in 615 S. College Street, Charlotte, NC – Our beautiful new HQ location, opened in September
  • 69       New talented individuals joined the Sitehands Team during 2017
  • 312%  Y-Y growth in provider technicians working on the Sitehands Platform
  • 24        Countries around the globe where we provided services to customers
  • 21%     Y-Y growth in work orders completed during year
  • 10X     Growth in new logos – our customers leveraging Sitehands for their business for the first time


And, there is so much more to come as we enter 2018. Our teams have been busily planning further enhancements to our offers and solutions, working to build our provider community out across the globe, and enhancing the data and analytics that guide the work for continuous improvement. We believe we are on a profound mission to re-invent the IT field services space, and I feel confident that with our great employees, partners and customers that we will do so!

I anticipate a great year ahead!