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Our platform and the customers we serve enable you with access to opportunity. Whether you are seeking greater profitability through utilization or access to larger revenue streams, Sitehands can help you grow your business.


Partner Opportunities

Do you have what we’re looking for? See the following services to know if you are qualified to partner with Sitehands.

Infrastructure break/fix

Real-time emergency support

IT Projects roll-outs

Global, regional, or one-time-only

Asset management

Inventory, documentation, assurance

A/V support

Remote and in-room meeting support

Workstation services

Moves, adds, changes, decommissions

Facilities management

Surveys and issue identification

Provider Partner Programs

Sitehands offers a framework for participation by interested providers at the level that fits their business model and interests. Our framework provides benefits in the form of tiered access to the order and tasks queue, joint marketing programs, and other collaborative opportunities as we grow together.

Preferred Provider Partner

Highest tier with greatest visibility to order flow. Collaborative joint marketing and development programs.

Certified Provider Partner

Extensive visibility & access to order queue based on known technician skills & certs. Group marketing programs.

Registered Provider Partner

Visibility & access to order queue with tech certs in advance of order acceptance.

Community Provider Partner

Joining the community is the first step to getting access to opportunity at your own pace.

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